Room at Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs
Patio of Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs
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 Eureka Springs
Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs
Hallway of Basin Park
Early Sign Basin Park   Eureka Springs
 Eureka Springs
Basin Park Hotel Aug. 1979  Eureka Springs
Sign Commemorating Basin Park & Perry House Eureka Springs
Room at Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs
History of 1905 Basin Park Hotel This hotel is in the Victorian historic district in downtown Eureka, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The hotel is next to cold water Basin Springs, which was the heart of the health resort community 100 years ago. Basin Park Hotel is built into the side of a mountain. All eight levels of the hotel are at "Ground Level." This unique feature earned a place on "Ripley's Believe It of Not" list. The mountainside building is constructed of white limestone and pink dolomite rock walls. During the Prohibition era, Joe Parkhill owned Basin Park Hotel. Parkhill was a wheeler dealer who promoted tourism to Eureka Springs by encouraging the law to turn a blind eye to illegal activities The sixth floor Rooftop Billiards Room was equipped with slot machines. A long bar served drinks of liquor. Alcohol and slot machines were illegal during this era. The signs of illegal activity could be quickly hidden behind doors, marked storage, in the event of a surprise police raid.. Word of this unique illegal venue in the scenic, hidden mountain town spread to Chicago . Chicago was home to many well known gangsters. The Chicago gangsters were attracted to the remote mountain town with illegal activity. Gangsters made the hotel one of their hangouts. It is rumored that Al Capones sister stayed at Basin Park hotel for over a month. The Basin Park Hotel attracted shady characters and gangsters in the 1940's and 1950's. Gangsters and their cohorts enjoyed parties and gambling in Eureka Springs. The construction of the hotel, with every floor having a ground entrance provided a quick escape route from every room. This unique characteristic was perfect for a quick escape from a fire. Gangsters found it a quick escape from the law when necessary. The notorious lawbreakers from Chicago thought the Basin Park Hotel, with its easy access to illegal activities, was a great "vacation getaway." Joe Parkhill registered many guests at no charge. The arrangement apparently worked for the involved parties.    Basin Park has held an annual event, called the Barefoot Ball, since the 1940's. Guests dance in the "The Roof Garden" ballroom in bare feet. In 1955 at new sheriff decided to put an end to the criminal element in Eureka Springs. Police raided the Barefoot Ball after the liquor and slot machines had been broken out. Joe Parkhill, John Doe and Jack Rabbit were arrested and taken to jail. The slot machines were smashed. Without booze the Chicago "friends" stopped coming to Eureka Parkhill found the hotel hard to operate without booze and gambling, so he sold the Basin Park Hotel to a retired United States Congressman, and Eureka Springs native, Claude A Fuller. Congressman Fuller had owned the Basin Park Hotel and the 1886 Crescent Hotel in the 1920's. He sold the hotels in 1931, a couple of years after he was elected to Congress. Once again, the hotels belonged to Fuller. Ghost Stories of 1905 Basin Park Hotel Eerie sights at the haunted hotel, a phantom dog, ballroom ghosts, a lion ghost, a translucent woman and brown suited man and a risque room. One man was in asleep in bed with his wife. He awoke to see a pale, young girl walking through the wall. The young girl lifted the covers of the bed The man's voice was frozen in fear, so he could barely eek out, "No." The man's sleeping wife never awoke from this nocturnal ordeal. 1905 Basin Park Hotel Today The current owners, Marty and Elise Roenigk, purchased the hotel in 1997 and pledged to restore the hotel. The pledge became reality with a multi-million dollar restoration. Today the Basin Park Hotel features Serenity Day Spa, swimming pool, Lucky 7 Rooftop Billiards Parlor and front door access to over 100 unique downtown shops
Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs Carry Nation Speaking at Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs Aug. 1979 Basin Park Hotel
Carry Nation speaking  Basin Park
Sign Commemorating Basin Park Hotel Built on Foundation of Burned Perry House Aug. 1979 Basin Park Hotel Room at Basin Park Hotel Patio of Basin Park Hotel Room at Basin Park Hotel Patio of Basin Park Hotel Historic Buildings

Basin Park Hotel

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